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Do you want to learn Polish language and to speak Polish without difficulties? Here is your right place! Get the highest quality Polish lessons. We guarantee the most effective Polish lessons via Skype.  It is important to say that we use only natural methods of teaching with real Polish audio materials. Our teachers are only Polish native speakers and professionals in teaching both English and Polish:

  • learn Polish from Polish native speakers!


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Our strengths:

- Individual learning programme exactly tailored to student's needs

- Interactive platform for language self-study

- Interactive set of vocabulary 

- Your learning results are monitored by the teacher 

- Free consultation with the teacher

- The most competitive prices on the market and the intensive language training (20%, 30 % discounts on courses!)

- Many satisfied customers


Individual Clients

One-on-one Polish Online Courses!


A1, A2, B1, B2

Polish for complete beginners - 10 GBP/ hour

This level begins to develop the skills of understanding and speaking Polish and introduces the language for everyday purposes. To provide a framework for such communication you will learn basic grammatical structures.


Polish for false beginners - 10 GBP/ hour

This level is a continuation of the basic stage. Polish courses for  students  who  have  reached  an elementary  level  of competence in the language. You will continue to learn the basics of Polish grammar. The aim of this level is to enable you to be able to communicate in short social exchanges   and understand frequently used expressions.


Survival Courses - 13 GBP/ hour

Our unique survival Polish course have been created for  those wanted to overcome that feeling of isolation staying in Poland. Each course consists of approximately 200 words which can be learned in an astonishing 2-3 hours - far faster than normal learning speed. The courses will enable you to learn an amazing amount of targeted useful words. The courses are ideal for the traveller, student or businessperson who wants to rapidly acquire an extensive vocabulary in a fast and easy way.


General Language Courses - 10 GBP/hour

A general course will suit language learners of individual needs. Thus the individual curriculum will be used. The course will centre around everyday communication, with a strong focus on relevant vocabulary and grammar, dependent upon your individual needs. It’s your choice whether to focus on speaking, listening or reading and writing.

B1, B2, C1, C2

Business Language Courses - 15 GBP/ hour

These courses are aimed at students who need to improve their language skills for effective business communication.   The focus of the course depends on your needs, the type of business concerned, and any particular disciplines that may particularly apply (Topics covered are:- Trading, buying and selling - Marketing, advertising and PR- IT, Internet, e-commerce and communications - Banking, finance, stock exchange and accounting - Business meetings - Business Travel - Careers - Negotiations - On the Phone - General Business Vocabulary)


Intensive Language Courses - 15 GBP/hour

The primary purpose of our intensive courses is the improvement of the student’s language skills as quickly as possible. These courses are based on everyday usage of the language, focusing on pertinent vocabulary and grammar. The course may be conducted for students with previous knowledge of grammar and vocabulary of Polish language (not suitable for beginners!)


Language Courses for Specific Purposes - 15 GBP/ hour

Our intensive business courses are just the thing for students who are in a hurry to improve their language skills for use in a business setting. Whether it’s for a particular event or a desire to find new career opportunities, our intensive business courses are tailor-made for the needs of the student(s), like all our classes.

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Corporate and Business Clients

There is possibility to organise group lessons online. Contact us!

The comparison of learning effectiveness between tradional traditional face-to-face learning and e-learnig among goal-oriented users. Let us teach you!

Find out more about our online lessons and their advantages. Meeting the needs of all learners by inclusive teaching. How it works?

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Two key advantages of online learning are flexibility and convenience. But online learning is a lot more challenging than it may seem. What makes a successful online learner?


Learn Polish online via Skype wherever you are. Install Skype!

Try if you want to belong to our Polish speaking community! Today it is a real adventage to be such a bilingual person! You may start your learning now! Learn about our Polish history and geography by clicking on YouTube icons below:

See attractions in Poland!


Polish history!









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