We  build   our   authority   upon   customers’ satisfaction   expressed   in thousands  of pages  translated  in  various  fields:  general texts,  specialized texts,  technical texts,  web-sites  and more. We translate in various fields upon customers’ needs.  

It is worth mentioning that we not also help the students to translate/ to write diploma papers, but also make corrections. We work with the use of research  tools,  we make proofreading etc. Long-term cooperation with our customers, the ability to create what   has been achieved: the experience, database of dictionaries, glossaries, drafting skills are our success. We maintain the timeliness of orders, we consult with the experts in various fields.  Our aim is to meet the  needs of our customers on  a  large scale. That's why we have been doing all of this.


Fill free to send a file to be translated via Contact Form. You will receive a free quote and information on the possible delivery time. If you wish to translate larger files or a greater number of files, please contact us via email:  polishenglishTOOL@gmail.comIn case of larger translations  individual discount will be given to you!

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For the sake of the trust of our clients is discount 30% less for our new clients, but for regular customers every third text to translation is discount 30% less only from us!


Translation Rates:

 Our prices are among the most competitive on the market!

 You only pay for the actual translation and there are no hidden fees!

 Price of our translations from English to Polish and from Polish to English is still the same. This is our advantage and competition domain of other translators!

Text to translation per page:

  • General text 9 GBP
  • Specialized text 12 GBP
  • Technical text 12 GBP
  • Webpages 15 GBP *Accurate measurement of web-page to translation after sending the address of the website via the Contact Form.*One standard page of non-certified text contains 1600 characters including spaces. There is a minimum price of £9.


Normal translation

◦ 4-7 working days

Normal price

Fast translation

◦ 2-3 working days


Express translation

◦ next day

◦ more than 5 pages per day
◦ translation to be performed on the date of the order
◦ orders made on public holidays


Price will be calculated according to the current exchange rate. All prices are net prices and do not include 22% VAT.


Texts to translation

The offer has been designed to meet your expectations and meet the needs of different customers through translation:
• General text: cover letters, resumes, private and corporate correspondence, journal articles, newspaper and magazine articles, books, etc.;
• Specialized texts: scientific and academic thesis and publications, legal texts, EU texts, specialist language (linguistics, chemisty, medicine, computers), advertising, business texts and legal texts (agreements, trade contracts, commercial correspondence)
• Technical texts (e.g. manual instructions);
• Web-pages

In the case of complex or large orders price is determined individually. The file format of the text to be translated has an impact on the valuation of the translation text. PDF format because of the lack of editing options can be valued more expensive. That’s why I highly recommend sending the text in an editable format such as *dot.
I may make evaluation individually on the basis of the text, so now I invite you to send the text to be translated to the following email address: polishenglishTOOL@gmail.com

*The translator begins the translation at the time of payment via PayPal account: polishenglishtool1@gmail.com. For large orders possible partial payment determined directly by the translator.


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